The approaching summer or the slim models on TV might be making you conscious about your body. However, no matter how many times you promised yourself that you’ll hit the gym, start eating salads and do some yoga, you always seem to find excuses to go back to your lifestyle of crawling into bed with a big tub of ice cream. Now is the time to set aside all those extra calories, and put your mind into losing weight to gain that summer body you always dreamed of. So here are some ways to get motivated to lose weight.Set realistic goals You can’t lose 50 pounds in just a couple of weeks. If you set such a target and see you are not even getting close, you will be highly demotivated. So set your goals that are not exactly easy to achieve but rather challenging yet not impossible. Do your research and find the amount of work out you need to do per week as per your current weight, age, gender, lifestyle etc. A gym Richmond session will help you immensely in becoming physically fit and also pushing your limits so that you know what you are capable of. A trainer will also help you with your dietary plans. Do not starve yourself hoping to lose weight faster. It will only create physical discomfort as your metabolisms drop.Find a partnerYour neighbor, colleague at work or your life partner might also have the same problems with their weight as you. Working out with a partner will bring in the power of teamwork.  You will be able to cheer on each other and even have a friendly competition. 

It is highly unlikely that you will cancel on partner-workouts especially since you do not want to seem lazy in front of him or her. Make sure you like your partner since it might turn into an unpleasant experience if you were exercising with your most hated coworker. Also do not forget that if you are hiring a personal trainer Richmond, you both can share the cost.Start a workout blogKeeping track of your workouts and evaluating your progress will surely keep you on track. You’d be delighted to see that your waist is one inch smaller and your weight has gone down 20 pounds. Write down what you do every day, the total number of calories you burn, how well you have achieved your goal etc. Keep track of all the items you eat, be it healthy or unhealthy. At the end of the week, evaluate your notes and see your progress.