Exercise is considered a key factor in the physical and mental development of children. With most enrolling in various sport activities within schooling timelines, others find in it a challenge. With learning and attention issues among lacking of social or physical skills to participate on a team, sports can be an avenue opted out of a student’s schooling timeline.Many having limited avenues to encourage a child unwilling to participate in sport generally are able to enrol them in kids martial arts. Though the avenue is not considered a treatment for learning and attention issues, the practise enables and enhances self esteem, coordination and executive function providing the physical activity in the process of development according to research conducted.

Key Focal Points

Individual Growth – Many children with learning and attention issues struggle with pressure having to compete within team events. Generally traditional sports can be unappealing to explore and participate with failure understood as letting down a team or school. With martial arts, the focus being on self improvement and development enables eradication of the fear factor and enhances confidence. Whilst the practice allows self control within a safe environment to burn energy within an individual.

Goals – The ability to achieve concrete definitive goal within the area makes kids self defence an attractive method in instilling discipline and learning. With most sub categories in the sport having coloured belts to define grades and achievements, a self paced learning process is rewarded at each juncture of achievement.

Routine learning – The process is broken down into smaller steps within the techniques and movement is repeated in gradual learning pace with anticipation of the next steps manageable by kids. The process of anticipation and fluid movements make the body along with the mind to complete a successful workout required at a young age.

Attention & Coordination – focus is important to achievement of good martial art techniques with instructors constantly keeping track of individuals drifting from the process. With deliberate repetitive movements, it encourages motor skills of students struggling to control actions.

Rules – The Avenue is a proven method in instilling discipline with rules within a class being strictly followed. Good behaviour in and out of classrooms is noticed in general among students attending various forms of the sport.

With various mixed forms of martial arts currently being practised within the globe, paying attention to the needs of a child’s requirement is suggested in being able to discuss with a studio or class instructor in narrowing down the most suitable option of martial arts for your child.